Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh hold a program in Onakul Thakur Satsang Kandro, Chittagong

Published on Tue, September 10, 2013 ∙ Program ∙ Bangladesh

On September 5th 2013, our team from Bangladesh visited Chittagong City where they were invited to a temple named ‘Onakul Thakur Satsang Kandro’ in Rao Jan. The president of the temple, Ratan Palit, kindly requested our team to hold a program for over 200 people eager to learn about the message of Kalki Avatar. Many people were initiated with simran of 'Ra Ram' and were shown the Divine Signs of Kalki Avatar on the Sun, Moon and Maha Shivling. Our group also distributed leaflets at the end of the programme for people to take home.

The temple committee were extremely welcoming to our team! The president of the temple loved our message and asked for a CD of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's programs and articles on spirituality. He was also incredibly pleased to be gifted the divine textbook,  'The Religion of God' by Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi. We at Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh are very grateful to have received the opportunity to work with such wonderful people and look forward to collaborating with them again. 

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