Introducing: Poetry Mondays

Published on Mon, November 14, 2016 ∙ General ∙ United Kingdom

We have begun a new initiative for admirers of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi to express their emotions through poetry.

Every Monday, people will be able to read one of their poems in front of our live audience both at our London office and online.

No matter what language you write in, if you have an original piece of poetry that you would like to submit, please send it to We will feature some poems every week on our website.

Featured Poetry

'Ever Pondered What is Beauty?' By Nasir Younus

Ever pondered what is beauty?
Ever pondered what it must be?

I didn’t feel the need to,
Since I saw Gohar Shahi.

A glimpse pierced through me,
I wondered, “who must He be?”

I heard there is this guy,
He claims to be the One,
The alpha and the omega,
A charlatan, is what he must be.

He says that he is the doer,
Of all that is good and great,
Although he hid from the world,
Who gave him the power of ‘Be’!

Today, man cries in pain and anguish,
He looks for a God to see.
No God paid heed to the cry of man,
But my Gohar Shahi is He!

He didn’t ask for my supplication!
He didn’t ask for me to surrender!
He opened his arms wide and embraced the world!
Is he the one we awaited? No lesser could he be?

He said he has a kingdom,
One no one has ever seen,
Be it one or a million, he said!
I will take whosoever, I please to be.

Ever pondered what is majesty?
Look no further but to thee,

He didn’t claim to be the one,
Not the alpha, not the omega,
But look at him! The smile, the deadly smile!
I now have a feeling, I know who must he be.

Here is something I’d like to ask for,
No, not for the heavens, heck not even the unseen capital,
I know what I want now,
A loyal dog of Gohar Shahi,
Is what I want to be!

I want you to say it once,
Just once for your own sake,
A loyal dog of mine,
Is what he has come to be!

'My Beginning' by Faiz Ur Riaz

This was my beginning, my adolescence, carved inch by inch with their love.

My eyes flutter for focus as I try and grasp the formation of my existence,
A divinely unfathomable silhouette is resting before me

I'm naive, I'm new to this place, my nature should be to cry like a newborn, yet the first
impression of my mind is, I belong to them.

Are they watching me, is their fragrance pulling me onward?
My heart pumps its way up to my throat, as it pleads to advance ahead of me.

My lungs are inflating with air so fine, so light, so smooth,
I'm inhaling the air they provide

have no name, no possession, no skill,
All I know is the ground beneath their feet

They are mothering me, my soul, my heart
As I swirl in promotion towards their bright visage. This is my reward, I have finally seen their eyes.

They blink so gently, so delicately, yet scintillate colours no being has ever seen.

Their smile is so reticent, so coy, yet they blossom so spectacularly, that even galaxies come closer to see

They've ignited a flame that has spread through my blood, into my organs, across the borders and into my soul
Leaving me like the sun, relentlessly burning brighter and brighter.

They've given me fervour, so strong, so loud,
If they could open their arms for me, I'd fall within their majesty, and lose my reality.

How am I blessed with the presence of the ultimate truth?
A question for now, an answer for when I die.

Now I live in an ample of desolation, leaving my soul half way out of my shell.

Bring me back my Love, put this fire out, before it leaves everything in ashes that has shape and form.

Silky white sheets strew jasmine through the air, as my being unravels beneath their glimmering feet.

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