Kalki Avatar Foundation Preaches in Rajbari and Kushtia

Published on Mon, October 25, 2010 ∙ Program ∙ Bangladesh

Recently, our members held various programs in the districts of Rajbari and Kushtia to spread the mission of Kalki Avatar amongst the public. Highlights from the past week include:

  1. Shiv Temple in Rajbari

Our members propagated the message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi and showed the divine signs to an enthusiastic audience of approximately 250 people.

  1. Kali Mandir in Rajbari

A team from KAF spoke to about 80 members of the Hindu community about Kalki Avatar’s mission and revolutionary teachings.

  1. Notan Durga Temple

KAF visited the temple to speak to an estimated 80 people.

  1. Lokhnath Temple, Kushtia

About 80 people also gathered at the Lokhnath Temple to hear our message.

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