Practical, simple, earth-shattering, and universal

The teachings of Kalki Avatar Lord Ra Gohar Shahi are revolutionary and practical.

The methodologies introduced by Kalki Avatar, through which mankind is obtaining divine love and spiritualising their lives, are universally acceptable. The methodologies of Lord Ra Gohar Shahi are designed to benefit and befit all human beings regardless of their religion, cast, creed, culture, etc.

The Spiritual Heart and Simran

The fundamental elements of spirituality

You carry out Simran with your bodies, but these bodies will either burn in fire here or be buried. It is your soul that will ascend to the higher realms after your demise. Your souls must be taught to remember God. Your souls are unaware of the activities of your bodies, and God also doesn’t look at your bodies. Why must you waste your time in fruitless activities? Why don’t you engage in performance of cardiac form of worship? Why must you let your heart remain naive of God and his love? Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi takes a practical approach to the spiritual system, whereby the hearts and souls are awakened and enlightened through divine energy. He implants the seed of love in the soil of your heart and soul!

Lord Ra Gohar Shahi explains that there is a spiritual heart located above the physical heart in the body. Its purpose is that of a divine telephone: once it is awakened and enlightened, it serves as a means to contact God. In the methodology given by Lord Ra Gohar Shahi, Simran is implanted in the beating system of the heart. Then, just as the striking of flint and steel against one another creates a spark, similarly, the striking of the divine name against itself generates divine, positive energy. Once Simran is implanted in the heartbeats, the heart becomes a pumping station of divine energy which eventually enlightens the heart. The more Simran is repeated in the chambers of the heart, the more divine energy is produced. The more divine energy is produced, the closer one gets to God.

Then, as Kalki Avatar explains:

God himself will guide you once you are connected with Him.

Due to the fact that the soul and its auxiliary spirits are located in the bloodstream, the divine energy being pumped through the heart will eventually reach them and enlighten them as well. Through the method introduced by Kalki Avatar, the entire body becomes purified.

Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi makes clear that many names have been given to God in different languages, and all names pertaining to God are worthy of respect. Whether you call Him Ram, Krishna, Bhagwan, Ek Onkar, Rab, Allah, God- it doesn’t really matter. Any name of God, should it enter the heart, will take effect.