Discipline in Spirituality

Article by H.H. Younus AlGohar · May 24, 2015

Here is why discipline is essential for progress on the spiritual path.

All institutions and all organisations teach discipline. Discipline is the root word from where ‘disciple’ is derived.

Every human being has two dimensions: outer and inner. A religion teaches the outer dimension and discipline, whereas the spiritual doctrine teaches spiritual discipline.

People who are overweight want to diet. They do it by being disciplined. They have to quit fatty foods, oily foods, fizzy drinks etc. Concurrently, they engage themselves in physical exercise. By following the discipline, they obtain their goal.

Good Governments comes of strict discipline. What kind of discipline does the religion teach? A religion teaches you how to behave. It tells you what to do and what not to do. If you do not follow a religion, you still have to follow the law of the land which still gives you a discipline. If you do not follow the discipline and go against the law, you become a criminal.

Discipline Yourself to Preserve Divine Energy

Your inner is directly linked with your outer. There are a certain things that you must take care of in the outer-self and that discipline shall pave way for the divine into your inner-self.

Without learning to discipline yourself, you are not going to make any solid progress in spirituality. Discipline yourself by refraining from performing sins. Discipline yourself by allowing enough divine energy in your hearts.

Your souls and hearts may make some divine energy, but you destroy it by committing Great Sins. If a person says that his heart commemorates the name of the Lord 24/7, but his tongue is busy in backbiting, his hands are busy hurting people and his eyes are busy with Great Sins, is this divinity?

Divinity is not confined to your heart; it travels from your heart to the legs, to the arms, to the hands, to the brain and to the eyes. It travels to beautify every single part of your body.

If a person claims to have received Invocation of the Heart from the Lord many years ago and calls himself a senior spiritualist, but you cannot trace spirituality in his demeanour, then he is not a spiritualist at all.

According to the medical science, a heart is a pumping station. The heart is responsible for purifying and circulating the blood. If all the blood is accumulated in the heart and the heart stops circulating it to all other organs in the body, will you remain to be alive? What if the divine energy and the divine love of God are only confined to the heart [and are not given the opportunity to travel to the rest of your souls]- will you become a loving person?

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