Terrestrial Souls and Celestial Souls: Reincarnation and Love of Bhagwan

Article by H.H. Younus AlGohar · April 17, 2013

The soul that comes from the higher realms is exclusively designed for one person only. That soul does not come on earth for a second time.

There are two types of souls:

  • One that belongs to the higher realms which has to be connected with Permathma.
  • The others are Jeewitathma, earthly terrestrial souls which are responsible for forming a body

However, the terrestrial souls that belong to the earth continue to come in several people. If today somebody will die, his soul will come again in different person. Similar souls are also found in stones and in animals, therefore, chances are that your terrestrial souls in the next birth may appear to an animal. Souls of good people continue to come in good people, but sometimes they also come in animals. When these souls come in animals, then what happens? Then God appears in form of an animal and we worship Ghow Mata, the sacred cow. It is important to note that these terrestrial spirits have nothing to do with the human stay in the world.

Our souls that are responsible for the love God are in our breast. When we do Bhajan, Simran, Mala, etc. by mouth, they can give us some kind of enjoyment. But there is another type of Simran which is performed by our souls. If that Simran starts in our soul, then the Bhajan is synchronised within our souls. Then that Bhajan, Simran, and the Mala of the name of ‘Raam’ continue to perform even when we are working, talking to others, and even when we are sleeping. Why? Because we sleep, but our soul does not sleep. Our body has to work, but our soul does not have to work. The purpose of that soul is to remember God and to obtain God’s love.

This is why Sant Kabeer said, ‘The most precious thing in this world is the name of Raam’.

The name of Raam which is written on a piece of paper cannot render any spiritual grace or any spiritual benevolence. Our names do not have their own existence; they can only be written in ink. However, the name of God has existence. The name of God, the name of Raam, has a body of light. When that name which has the existence of light, ‘Raam’, is granted by a Guru, then the name of Raam is transferred from his eyes into your soul. You will have not to make any effort. You will be sitting and talking to people and at the same time you will be able to hear somebody inside yourself is saying ‘Raam’, ‘Raam’, ‘Raam’. By repetition of the name of Raam, Divya Prakash (divine light) will be created and that Divya Prakash will connect your soul with God. That will be constant Bhajan and Simran. Some people want to do it with their breath, but the right place for love is the heart.

The Heart is responsible for purifying the blood

The heart is a pumping station; it pumps the blood. Prem Avatar Guru Gohar Shahi teaches us practical methods. With the spiritual power and authority of a Guru, he transfers the name of Raam in our heart beats. And when it is done, you will be sitting and you will be hearing somebody saying, ‘Raam’, ‘Raam’, ‘Raam’ inside yourself. And that repetition of the name of Raam will produce divine light. When your whole body and soul are completely enlightened and purified, you will become a saint of God. You will become Sant Kabeer. Sant Kabeer was also a man, but when God came in his heart he became God. You are a man. God created men in his own image. When you have the essence of God, then why can’t you become God? When you are designed to exist in the image of God, then it is divine justice for you to have God’s image and now look for God’s essence. The essence of God is obtained through Sant, saints, spiritual masters, and spiritual personalities who have been given authority by God himself to bless your soul, to make you holy, and to bring God in your heart.

There is more than one religion today in this world which claims that they are waiting for a mighty personality. Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ, Jews are waiting for promised Messiah, Muslims are waiting for Imam Mehdi and Hindus are waiting for Kalki Avatar. God actually told every religion that he would send a mighty personality towards the end of world. When he told Hindus, they said, ‘He is Kalki Avatar.’ Kalki Avatar is not His name, it is a title. He said the same to Muslims and they said, ‘He is Imam Mehdi.’ He said the same thing to Jews and they said, ‘He is the Promised Messiah’. He is one: He is Kalki Avatar, He is Imam Mehdi, and He is promised Messiah. He has come to unify hearts of all humanity. He has come to spread love; He implants the seed of love in hearts of all human beings.

God’s love is for all

God has so many faces. Hindus know him as Raam, Baghwan and Krishna, Muslims call Him Allah, Christians call him God, etc. Kalki Avatar is Prem Avatar. He is supposed to preach love to all. Muslims say that Imam Mehdi is supposed to make every single human being into a Muslim. And Christians say that Jesus will make every single human being into a Christian. He is not going to proclaim any of the religions that we have today to be the best, because he is going to bring the Religion of God. The Religion of God is not Islam and the Religion of God is not Christianity. The Religion of God is Love and he loves everybody. He provides food for all, air for all, and water for all. But the most precious thing is his love. When he gives life to everyone, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, etc., then why would he discriminate among people when it comes to giving his own love to them?

Kalki Avatar and Imam Mehdi are the same personality. He is supposed to make every human being into a lover of God. If you want to bring the name of Allah in your hearts, He has that power; He can do that. He will say to your heart, ‘Say “Allah”’, and your heart will start to say ‘Allah, Allah.’ He has that authority. Nobody else has that authority. He will say to your heart and soul, ‘Say, “Raam, Raam”’ and your heart will say, ‘Raam, Raam’.

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