The Commercialisation of Inner Peace

Article by H.H. Younus AlGohar · December 05, 2017

By Steve Bell, President of Messiah Foundation UK (sister organisation of the Kalki Avatar Foundation)

Inner peace is all to do with the restlessness of the heart and souls. The whole purpose of coming in this world, we say, is that you should reconnect your souls with God. 

You should manage to reawaken your souls. Everybody in their life gets the chance to do that. It is about grabbing that chance. Once that energy and light enter your heart, then the restlessness goes.

So many people are converting from one religion to another. This begs the question: do we need religions? Another problem is that when people do leave religions, they can join some self-concocted following. We’ve travelled quite a lot to mind, body and soul expos. The things that you see there are just unbelievable. [People offer] hair reading, palm reading, etc.

They talk about balancing the chakras. They do all sorts of things to balance these chakras - and it can work temporarily. There is energy everywhere, so you might feel some temporary [peace], but it is not serving that purpose. That is why people are still going to be restless and they have to keep going in for more top-ups of these sessions.

So it is not just about balancing the chakras. They need to be reawakened and energised with divine energy. Then, people won’t be going back to these places and spending their hard-earned money.

Spirituality is free; it is from God. You shouldn’t have to pay money to connect yourself to God.

To connect to God, you have to find a spiritual master - somebody who has got power and authority. You can’t just do it by reading books; you could watch somebody fly a plane your whole life [but] it won’t allow you to fly that plane. Similarly, you need somebody how to teach you how to reawaken your heart and souls. You need a divine, spiritual master who will connect you with God and reawaken your souls.

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