The Power of Love and the Maha Shiv Ling

Article by H.H. Younus AlGohar · September 23, 2015

His Holiness Younus AlGohar addresses Brahma Kumaris in Sri Lanka, disclosing important information about the Maha Shiv Ling and spiritual love.

The Holy Black Stone

It is such a pleasurable moment to be with people who show tolerance, love and understanding of the truth. I’m grateful to be invited here in this spiritual gathering.

I was born in a Muslim family. As a Muslim, I did have an enormous amount of love and affection for the Holy Black Stone (which is believed to be the Maha Shiv Ling according to Sanatan Dharma). However, my life took a U-turn when I met my spiritual father and He initiated my heart into spirituality. He showed to me the true meaning of life. He liberated my soul and my brain from the limitations of religions.

Then I became a love and peace activist. I was given to study the importance of the Holy Black Stone which, as I earlier mentioned, is believed to be Maha Shiv Ling. It has the core values in Sanatan Dharma.

I was really amazed how important that sacred Holy Stone is and the treasure that it has inside it. Then I was really dismayed, disappointed by the fact that it has been confined to one particular race and no other religions were allowed to show their affection or practise their reverence to that Sacred Black Stone.

I realised that all the divine energies and divine light emanate from Maha Shiv Ling.

Truly, Maha Shiv Ling is not just the mark of divinity, but also the house of divinity.

This is what draws me towards Brahma Kumaris: their affection, their love and their understanding of the Holy Black Stone. I hope the time will soon come when Maha Shiv Ling will be available for all human beings of the world to physically approach and be able to show their affection, love and reverence to the Sacred Stone.

Being a humble servant of His Divine Grace Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and a worker of Kalki Avatar Foundation, my heart is utterly pleased to share our knowledge, our trust and our energies with our brothers and sisters who are involved, through thick and thin, in the divine duties under the platform of Brahma Kumaris. I’m really thankful for you inviting me here.

We as Kalki Avatar Foundation are striving pretty hard all over the world to raise awareness of the importance of the Holy Black Stone and what could be achieved. But before we are able to achieve anything from the Holy, Sacred Stone, there is a need for raising awareness of the essentiality and importance of the Holy Black Stone. At some point in time, with your help, we will be able to raise this issue universally to let others know what we have obtained. We will let them know how important it is for other members of the global society and for us to share our energies, to show tolerance, to extend love and to establish peace throughout the world.

The Power of Love

Religions have become corrupted somehow or other. It is very unfortunate.

You are making all the possible efforts you can - you have centres in so many countries all around the world. With the divine help of the Master, this beacon of light is already pushing away the darkness. But my friends, there is enough darkness and we have to make more efforts.

Especially in people who take pride in their religiosity but at the same time their hearts are darkened by illiteracy; they are naïve to the sole purpose of the religion. They are people who are spending a good amount of time in their worship places; however, they are naïve to divinity. They are those who are spending an enormous amount of time in their religious customs and worship; however they fail to appreciate the value of human life. They are those who fail to appreciate the power of mutual love. They are those who fail to appreciate the fact that we are all children of one father. We are all creation of one God; you may call him God, Allah, Bhagwan, but it is the same source. This diversification has to vanish. That will happen when we begin to realise that in nature, in originality, all of us come from the same source. [We need] to promote universal brotherhood and global peace.

It is very good sermon. Sweet, beautiful words: global peace, love, mutual understanding. But the problem is how to obtain it. You hold a conference and you invite different individuals from different religions. On this stage, they will talk really sweetly. But when they go back to their temples, mosques and synagogues, they will be different. This is because they do not know how to love.

People think to love is very easy. But there is one divine formula you need to understand by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi: you don’t have to learn to hate but in order to love, you need some learning. You need some practical knowledge.

This was the inspiration that compelled me to quit what I was doing as a religious person and I adopted spirituality. I was given to understand by my Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi that to be able to love, we need spiritual knowledge and spiritual application.

We have many organs in our body. For example: the eyes. We know what the function of the eye is: to see. We never try to eat with our eyes because we know its function. You will never, even by mistake, put food in your eyes. 

In a similar way, to love there is a specific organ in our body. That is the heart.

You must be thinking, ‘That is very famous. Everybody talks about it. You’re not sharing any secret with us. Even in the movies, people say that the place of the love is in the heart.’

That’s true. But here you go, I have something very subtle and unique - however very easy to understand.

This heart is symbolic to love. However, this is just used as a metaphor.

If I ask you, ‘can you love somebody with your heart?’

You will simply say, ‘Yes, I love them by heart.’

But you don’t know how to love by heart. And I didn’t know anything about it until I met my lord and he not only told me about it but he gave a practical application and spiritual functionality. He told me about the importance of the heart.

His Divine Eminence told me, ‘This fleshy heart which pumps the blood in the body - there is a specific soul onto the heart. This soul has to be awakened and only a true divinely ordained Guru will activate that soul.’

When that soul is activated it needs nourishment. The nourishment of the soul is not food that we eat for our stomach. No bread, no meat, no vegetables.

The nourishment of the soul is divine light, divine energy. Although people go to worship places and worship there extensively, people do not know that the purpose of worship is to create divine energy.

They do create divine energy unknowingly, but because they are doing it unknowingly, they do not know where to store it. Whatever amount of divine energy is created or generated in the worship place is lost. It doesn’t matter who you are and what worship place you go to: a temple, a church, a mosque or a synagogue; no matter what type of worship you are carrying out, you are making divine energy. But without spirituality, you do not know how to store it and make proper use of that divine energy.

So what happens is: the true spiritual guide implants Shabd (God’s name) into the beating system of the heart. What happens then? Every time the heart beats, God’s name is proclaimed. And you’re sitting doing nothing - or maybe talking to your husbands, wives and children. But at the same time, your heart is constantly repeating God’s name. That’s when divine energy starts to be generated and it nurtures the spiritual soul that sits on the heart. In three years’ time with a constant supply of divine energy (which is generated as a result of synchronisation with the heartbeats) your soul grows up.

It becomes strong enough to govern your heart. Then your heart learns spiritual love. Once your heart has learned spiritual love, then you will not only love God but you will love all human beings no matter who they are - whether they are Sri Lankans, Indians, Americans, Malaysians or Singaporeans. Because you understand - and in the way of experience and divine observation, you touch upon the realisation of the truth.

You become acquainted with divinity. When you spot divinity in every single human soul, you begin to feel attracted to them. This becomes the bond of love.

Those who today are using religion as a tool of hatred do not understand this knowledge. Because no matter what religion they practise, a religion for them is like a beautiful outfit; but behind that beautiful outfit is a beast.

Q & A Session with His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Question: Only Muslims can visit the Holy Black Stone?

Yes, only Muslims unfortunately.

But the problem is, not much knowledge was given to them about the importance of the Holy Black Stone.

However, it was said that whoever kisses the Holy Black Stone out of love and reverence, then that person’s sins would be washed away, he would become pure and he would find salvation. Merely kissing the Holy Black Stone and you will find salvation - that’s beautiful, isn’t it? So simple, easy - and good for us. We don’t have to go to temples and mosques 5 or 10 times a day. Just simply go there, kiss it and go home!

But that’s the truth.

Question: Can you talk about the beauty of the mind?

The mind is controlled by intellect. And intellect is the calculation of what we see and experience.

What we do not experience and do not see, the mind is quiet on those subjects.

The mind is controlled by our experience, observation and negative sources, evil sources. But when the heart becomes pure and the soul becomes pure, then the mind is controlled by the heart. In some people, the mind is very strong; they don’t listen to their heart. So the mind ruins their life!

But those whose heart is strong, rightly guided and enlightened, they listen to their heart because their heart has God’s presence. So they never go wrong.

Question: Can I know who is Kalki?

The image of Kalki is in Maha Shiv Ling. Have a look at it and then look for Him. It is not easy because He is Lord. You have to go after Him.

Even when we are looking for a nice, beautiful wife, we have to work hard. So you are talking about God! You have to spend some time looking for Him.

Question: Is He the Avatar?

The Avatar is the Appointed One from God. Kalki refers to the Dark Age. We are going through dark ages now; it is the time for the Kalki to come.

Human blood is being shed: carnage, murder, terrorism, hatred. What else do we want to have more in this world before Kalki arrives? That’s enough.

Question: Rather than taking emotional decisions, we are bound to take rational decisions sometimes - especially in business. What are your thoughts on this?

Rationality is very important, as important as sanity is. Emotional decisions should be avoided because we do not know whether the emotions are true or false.

Emotions are fuelled by our desires; sometimes the desires are wrong and sometimes the desires confine us to ourselves. We become selfish and self-centred.

If the emotions are fuelled by our carnal, lustful or financial desires, you cannot follow emotions. Emotions are very fake sometimes. So it is better to adopt rationality.

Speaking about business, I don’t see emotions playing any part in business. So it’s better to take a rational decision.

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