His Holiness Younus AlGohar Speaks in Toronto!

Published on Sun, November 10, 2013 ∙ Program ∙ Canada

On the 9th of November, 2013, the Official Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz, His Holiness Younus AlGohar, was invited to the Action Plan Recreation Hall in Toronto, Canada to give the message of divine love to those associated with the Universal Great Brotherhood.

People from a variety of religious backgrounds attended the event and were extremely pleased to listen to His Holiness explain the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and Global Peace. Afterwards, there was also a questions and answers session. Before His Holiness Younus AlGohar left, many attendees availed the opportunity to meet His Holiness one-on-one and obtain Invocation of the Heart directly from him!

Clips from the successful programme are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

We are here to share our knowledge with you and share our energies. It is such a wonderful thing to see that some people are creating a Universal Brotherhood, which is very rare to see in this world today. It is only possible through means of spirituality. I travel all around the world and we get to know many forms of spirituality. There are many forms of spirituality: religious spirituality, divine spirituality, non-religious spirituality and atheist spirituality; they have derived their own meaning, their own understanding of spirituality. However, we do not go into differences. We do not disagree to any philosophy which is based on spirituality. We simply share our knowledge and our energies. The spirituality that we practise is the core of spirituality, upon which the religion of Prophet Adam is based, upon which the religion of the great Prophet Abraham is based. This spirituality is found in the scriptures of high Universal Teachers like Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad.

We believe and we understand that spirituality is to do with the awakening of the souls and enlightenment of the souls. The ultimate source of spirituality from where we are supposed to receive the benevolence is God. So the concept of spirituality that we practice is based on believing in God. It is non-religious: we have people from different walks of life, we have people from different religions, and this is kind of a spiritual brotherhood. Almost the same principle as your organisation practices.

However our spirituality is like a practice in which we awaken the souls, and this awakening comes from Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. We do not say the only source is Gohar Shahi. There are many great spiritual leaders in the world, and we can be in contact with extra-terrestrial sources as well - like Moses, like Abraham, like Jesus, like Prophet Mohammad. The thing is, are these dignitaries approachable today, accessible today? Once - we believe - our souls are enlightened, our life is spiritualised and our souls are energised, then we gain that access to the Spiritual Realm. We have been spreading this message of love to all humanity, to people of all religions - and we do not discriminate. We understand that unification and uniformity of all assorted people who come from different cultural, religious and spiritual backgrounds will have to have a bond and that bond has to be really profound. According to a Chinese Proverb, ‘Talks do not cook rice.’

For us, in order to form a great Universal Brotherhood, we need to have a bond which can tie everybody into a fold. We speak different languages, we come from different ethnicities and we come from different religious backgrounds. Something has to be really solid, extraordinary - something really strong that can bind all these assorted people into one greater fold of brotherhood. We understand that this bond is the bond of Spiritual Love.

When the hearts are enlightened and we begin to share the same type of energy in all hearts, then unification will come; when all the hearts are binding into each other with the same type of energy, with same type of spiritual path, then that will be the beginning of the real brotherhood. This is our concept, which means we do not disagree - because there are many philosophies in this world and many ways, many dimensions. We are open to receiving more knowledge of spirituality. Whether it comes from Judaism, whether it comes from Hinduism, whether it comes from Sufism, we are open to all. That’s all I would like to say today.
If there are things that need to be cleared or any questions, I would like you to please ask.


Q1) Your Holiness, how would you define or how do you understand the Golden Era?

A1) Golden Era - there have been 124,000 prophets and messengers who have come into this world. Whenever there was a Universal Master like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad, at that moment, that era was golden. And now, according to all these great religions like Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, the final Golden Era is awaited. That will be the time when the Awaited One comes into this world, He unifies the entire humanity and all the religions will mingle into one great religion: the religion of peace, the religion of love, in which all human beings will love God and their hearts will be filled with the presence of God. This Awaited One is known as Messiah in Judaism and Kalki Avatar in Hinduism and Mehdi in Islam. That will be the Golden Era to my understanding.

Q2) Your Holiness, following what you were saying about the Messiah coming to unite everybody, could you elaborate - what is it that each individual person has to do? Because living in the Western World and having been raised in the Western World – to me I was brought up in separation. I would see people as different from me and everything different was scary, was frightening. I had to judge it; I had to be careful of it. So I lived a big part of my life in fear and I think maybe other people can relate to that. So for me to conclude that there is something I have to do within myself to be actually able to hear or see whatever message is coming and then to discern also, not to just become a blind follower - because we have that enough and that really didn’t help humanity much in my opinion. Please give us some guidance as to what every individual – what can I do to really recognise that which unites versus have my little mind tell me, ‘I do not know you, better not listen.’ You know what I am trying to get at? Thank you.

A2) One important thing in spirituality (I will answer your question during the course of my answer) is to understand what is spirituality. In order to understand what is spirituality, we must begin with ourselves. There are two dimensions of a human being: inner man and outer man. Outer man is referred to the physical body and inner man is the soul.

When God created all the souls, all the souls were assembled before God and when all the souls were assembled before God, God showed them the luxuries of this world. It was said unto the souls, ‘Whoever wishes to get these luxuries of the world, they may go and get it.’ A magnitude of souls leapt towards it and it was then said to the angels, 'Write this choice as their fate,' and then it was written in the book of their fate. Following that, God showed the souls the luxuries of paradise and then it was said, ‘Those who want the luxuries of paradise, they should go and get it.’ A large number of souls leapt towards the luxuries of the paradise. This became their fate. There was another group of souls who were looking at both sides - luxuries of the world and luxuries of the paradise - and they were indecisive.  They were not convinced which way to go. So their option, their choice was suspended.

Now it is the soul who should have the desire to love, desire to be unified with God. Some of those souls did not move an inch from God. They stood there, they didn’t want to see anything; they are the predestined God-loving souls. And among from those souls, messengers, prophets and saints were sent. Our souls did not have the body. A soul is sent and a body is created in the womb of a mother. This is how we become a human being.

Our problem is that when we choose to practice spirituality, we are doing it by our body and with that practice of spirituality, our spirits are not enlightened. Our spirits are not awakened.

Like we have eyes of our body, in a similar way we have inner eyes. Like ears, we have spiritual ears as well. What we must do today is we must awaken our souls and get connected with God. When the soul is connected to God, that is our destination. And as soon as we are connected to God, our inner eye will begin to see what our physical eye cannot see. When our inner ears are activated then they will hear the voice of God, then they will hear the voice of angels. They will hear everything what our physical ears cannot hear. Every day and every night God speaks. He speaks to angels and he says, ‘Is there anybody in this world who wants to love me? Is there anybody in this world who wants my blessings?’ But the problem is our inner ears cannot hear that ethereal voice of God. What we must do is to awaken the power of spiritual hearing. What we must do to activate our inner eye and that will automatically happen when our soul is enlightened, when our soul is spiritualised. In order to sustain life in our body, we consume food every day. In a similar way, we need spiritual nourishment for the soul as well. You see the problem is, the soul needs spiritual nourishment and we do not know how to feed our souls. In the temples, in the mosques, in the churches we call upon the name of God but we are doing it by word of mouth; and that practice, that ritual, does not enter the spiritual heart. It does not enter the soul. We need to find a way through which we are able to give that spiritual nourishment, to give that spiritual sustenance to the soul. The one who can actually open the mouth of the soul and awaken the soul is a Perfect Spiritual Teacher. That is what we need today.

Messiah Foundation International is spreading this message and giving assistance to people that if they call upon His Holiness Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, they will find a Spiritual Teacher. The services of His Holiness Gohar Shahi are without making any commitment, without embracing any religion - it is non-religious. When that soul is enlightened, then we will have the inner eye, the inner ears. When you are connected to God, you will have that spiritual content. All those people in this world who are connected to God, they will begin to recognise you; they will begin to understand that you are one of those people who are connected to God. By virtue of this, by the same token, as many souls are connected to God, it will be forming a great Universal Order where people will recognise the presence of God in each other’s heart in each other’s presence. So, we need that inner eye, we need that inner tongue. Here in this world, we call upon God but God does not listen to this voice, because God is spiritual. We need a tongue which can speak the language of God, and that tongue is the tongue of the soul. When the soul is enlightened, all the spiritual faculties, all the spiritual departments of the soul will be activated and we will be in touch with God.

We feel uneasy today. We do not have peace in this world today. We have everything. People have money; people have all the luxuries of life, people have temples, churches and mosques and all these scriptures, but even then we feel uneasy in our souls because the destination of the soul is God.

The soul will feel contented only when the soul is connected to God, is able to speak with God and is able to see God, the manifestation of God. I hope I answered your question.

Q3) Namaste, I want to ask a question and at the same time I want to say hello from my heart to all my brothers and sisters here - some of who we know each other, sometimes we forget each other. Very humbly, I say I could not agree more with everything you say. Very humbly also, some of us have been devoted to this universal spirituality, universal brotherhood. It has been our vision that all religions have been doing some good and even people who are atheists - I happen to live in a very atheistic country - they do feel that religion plays a certain role. I remember that atheistic country where I was born, my mother used to tell me, 'You know son, religions were good because at least they told people not to steal, not to kill and even though most of them did it for their own reason because they were afraid of punishment, hell, and they wanted some reward in heavens.'

So, my very humble question is, how these authentic people that I look around here, that I know some of them, how people who really want to connect with God, speak the language of God, really acknowledge and recognise the divinity in each and every soul - what do you think is the need of the hour for those of us, all of us here I think probably, that really do want to commit to the spiritual path and want to live authentic lives and do not want to get far from God? Maybe this word is a western word and maybe does not express too much but I see that the reason, theistic – and we call theistic in Spanish: teísta, a very theistic approach of your words, like 'God'. You know, 'Dios' is God. So, I do love that having this great love for God, under whatever name or form, whether Eshwar or Brahma or Vishnu or you know everything. So, at the same time we have these messengers, right? You know Buddha, Lord Jesus, Matsya, Kalki Avatar, so what would be the role for us to really play? How should we behave, how should we act? And I remember some words that are attributed to Master Jesus when he said, 'Then give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and give to God that which is God’s.' So, we will love to give the Avatar a place and at the same time we want to give God a place that God deserves in our heart. So please if you could elaborate a little more on [that] so we can have a clear picture and try to remember each day. Thank you very much.

A3) I would like to talk about the religions and the reason why people today have distanced themselves from the practice of religions. Some people say, 'Religions are evil.' Some other say, 'Religions are important.' But I understand that religions when they were founded, when they were established, they were established by great Universal Teachers and I do not see anything wrong with religions. All the religions are good. The religion of Adam, the religion of Prophet Abraham, the father of prophets and then the religions established by Lord Jesus Christ, and then the religion of Islam founded by Prophet Mohammad - they are all beautiful religions. However there was a time upon every religion after which the religions stopped benefiting people, and that time was when people shunned the practice of spirituality which was attached to their religion.

You see we have problems, these days especially from some people who call themselves Muslims. There are 73 different denominations within Islam. Some people continue to say, 'Islam is the religion of peace, Islam does not propagate terrorism,' but some other people from the same religion will continue to support terrorism. So, we have a problem and these two different points cannot come from the same religion. One group says, 'Islam is peace,' and another group says, 'Kill everybody who doesn’t believe in Islam.' This is because there have been denominations within Islam. When people stopped the practice of spirituality in a certain religion and they distanced themselves from the core, fundamental principle of that religion, and they modified the divine text - then we started to have problems. Religion by itself is not evil. It is the evil people who found some pretext, modified the divine text and started their own conceived form of religion. Islam is a beautiful religion and, definitely, Islam does not teach terrorism. Prophet Mohammad said, 'Killing one man is equal to killing the entire humanity.' No offence to anybody, I am just explaining.

Islam is a beautiful religion, it teaches peace and it teaches Divine Love, and at the same time Christianity is a beautiful religion. You have Lord Jesus Christ, the mightiest healer in the world, who touched the blind and they began to see. People who died, he touched them and life was restored in their body. Then we have Moses and then we have Lord Buddha, Krishna, Rama. These are all beautiful people and beautiful religions, but the problem is in every religion there are many people who have not been designed by God to adopt those religions. They are the souls of hatred. But somehow or other they entered these religions and they are promoting hatred. No religion is bad at all. This is my finding. According to my spiritual findings there is no religion - obviously, all these religions were established by prophets and messengers who were sent by God, so no divine text can be wrong. Hinduism, Islam is a beautiful religion but the problem is people who are not destined by God to love, who are not destined by God to make a spiritual, healthy choice of life, those who fell prey to the doctrine of hatred, those who fell prey to the doctrine of temptation or evil, they can call themselves Hindus and Muslims, but fundamentally speaking, they are the preachers of hatred. Now that is one thing about religion.

Coming back to your question, how do we connect ourselves with God? We are living in this world where there is no trace of God. We go to temples but we do not see God sitting there. We go to a mosque but we do not see God sitting there either. We go to churches and synagogues. These are places of worship but no one has ever seen God sitting in a temple. Jesus said, ‘How can you find God in a house which you made with your hands? Find God in your heart. Make your heart the temple of God.’ The question is, when we do not have a trace of God, how do we get connected to God?

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, 'With the practice of the inner enchantment of God’s name, firstly we need to synchronise God’s name in the beating system of our heart. When God’s name is synchronised in the beating system of our heart, it starts to generate Divine Light and that Divine Light will enlighten the heart.'

His Holiness said, ‘God does not look at your faces, your bodies, your actions and deeds. God looks at your heart. And when the heart has become enlightened and shining, then one day it will come under the merciful sight of God.’

God sees his friends and all the Universal Teachers every day, but sometimes he wants to look at the common people, the common folks; and he only looks at those people whose hearts are enlightened and shining. At night time, we look at the sky and whichever planet or star is shining, we see it. Yet we do not know their name. In a similar way, when the hearts are enlightened, God will start to love you. He will not ask you a question, ‘Are you a Muslim? Are you a Hindu? Are you a Christian?’ As long as your heart is enlightened, God will love you. The way to enlighten the heart is to synchronise the mantra, the real name of God. It doesn’t matter what specific name or what name you use to call upon God. You may call upon God saying Rama, Krishna, Hari, God, Eloha, Eloham, or whatever name you use to call upon God in your language. What is important is to synchronise that name in the beatin¬g system of the heart, only then God’s name will produce Divine Energy. How does it feel when you are sleeping in your bed and your heart, non-stop, is proclaiming the name of God? You are sleeping in your bed and your heart is busy with God. That is the initial spiritual practice with the virtue of which you begin to produce Divine Energy. Then, what will happen when the heart will start to produce Divine Energy, that Divine Energy will mingle in the bloodstream and the entire blood in our body will become synchrosnied with God’s power, with God’s name. This is where the soul begins to enlighten, the soul begins to awaken. Within a matter of a few days you will see, having obtained initiation, you will see something is going on in your heart. You are not engaged in any physical activity, yet your heartbeats are rising and that rise in your heartbeats will be due to the fact that God’s name is now being synchronised in your heart.

Initiation of the Heart is available. I can initiate whoever is willing, with any name, Rama, Krishna, God, Jesus, all these beautiful names. But they must enter the heart in order to produce results, and this is spirituality. Anything said with this tongue is not spirituality, because this is not our spirit. Spirit is our inside. It has to be done by the spirit. This is how you will begin to have the presence of God in you and around you. I hope I answered your question.

Q4) You are on a mission of love and also wanting to enlighten our hearts and our souls. Could you talk about the difference and similarity between love and the light of God? Somehow the light of God enlightens us and the love of God links us and binds us.

A4) There are many different types of light that relate to God. The lowest level of light which we can produce initially is the Light of God which we produce by the practice of the repetition of God’s name when it is done inside the heart. Light is not actually light like this, that comes from bulbs or tube lights. The Divine Light is a form of energy. God’s name is like a tablet which has energy in it; but God’s name in all scriptures, whether the scripture is from the Christian religion or Hindu religion, any text that came from God has Divine Energy in it. Like Vedas, Bhagwad Geeta, Bible, Torah, Talmud, Quran, the texts of all these holy books have Divine Energy in them, but we do not know how to encode, how to use these Divine Scriptures and how to produce light.

Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘Anything from these divine texts, when they enter the heart, the heart will convert those texts into Divine Energy.’

So the factory of light is the heart. When the Bible goes into the heart, it will convert it into Divine Energy. When the Quran goes into the heart, the heart will convert it to Divine Energy. When Torah, Talmud and Bhagwad Geeta enter the heart, the heart will turn them into Divine Energy. This is Divine Energy and we need Divine Energy to awaken and strengthen our souls.

Then love is a greater thing. In order to understand Divine Love, we should be in contact with God. Obviously I cannot treat God like I treat my wife. I love my children, I love my father, I love my brother, but the love we have for God is a different type of love. We haven’t seen God, but once we have seen God and know God, then we will know what kind of love is given to God. People talk about Divine Love but only when you see God, then you will find out what is it that God likes, what is it that he doesn’t like and what is it that he wants me to do for him. Only then we will know what is Divine Love. But there are people who are in contact with God and there are stories. They say love is a very strong feeling of attraction. When somebody sees God for the first time (I am giving you a very inappropriate example here but excuse me saying it) when we walk out into the mall and see beautiful women and girls, sometimes we see some really extraordinary beautiful women and we are just struck, 'Wow, that’s beauty.' We are attracted somehow or another. In a similar way, God is so charismatic, God is so beautiful.

I cannot give you an example how beautiful God is, because there is nobody like God. So you get to know how beautiful God is only when you see God. But when you see God, God is so beautiful and full of spiritual charisma and spiritual glamour. I don’t know what people would do when they see God for the first time, but when you see God, you just want to jump into God. You want to hug him and you want to cuddle with him. You want to lose yourself in the entity of God and this attraction is not something from you. This happens to you when you are in the presence of God. God is so charismatic. You are terribly affected by the presence of God and you just want to lose yourself in the presence of God. This attraction, this very powerful emotional attraction is love. When you have seen God, you are lost. You want to see him all the time. When you see God, you want to get into him like a tiny baby. The babies want to cuddle the mother and want to hide themselves somewhere under the arms of the mother. Similarly, when you see God, you don’t want to go anywhere else, you just want to get into God somehow or other and that very feeling is the feeling of love.

As soon as this feeling happens to your heart, all the human instincts you have are then superseded by this feeling of love. Once you have been through this overwhelming, spiritual, ecstatic experience of seeing God, then you become an embodiment of God on earth.

God’s attributes overpower your human characteristics and you become so loving, you become humble. You don’t know hatred then. You do not discriminate. People sit in your company and they feel it's like sitting with God. People will begin to see the attributes of God manifesting through your character. The words fail me to explain further what is God’s love; but I can just tell you, it's terrible!

Q5) Hearing you describe the feeling of being God, but would you say it’s like, like I remember being dead. Let’s put it this way, I have no words to say what happened, but excuse me for the grave way it comes out. So then the body was lying on the floor, the ambulance carrying it away, I saw the people, the neighbours were all upset, and then I am in this space of nothingness and I want to cover my eyes because it was so bright. Then I realise I have no body so I went from yes, I am dead the misery is over to 'Oh my god! Where am I?' And then in the distance where the point of light headed was there is this person talking - and I am not arguing with you, please forgive me, whether God is a girl or a boy or both I don’t know - but the voice I couldn’t distinguish what it is, all I knew is that there was a pull as you were describing. As if you and I are connected with rubber and you are stronger than me and you are just pulling me.

-Something was pulling you?-

-Yes, and then I am standing there and going 'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hmm...okay if you say so.' I didn’t feel rejected, I just felt sent somewhere. But, before that I felt this cuddly thousand cashmere sweaters kind of hug, since I came close to that side - like woollen soft sweaters. Can you elaborate about that feeling because I am totally lost for words?

A5) When the souls are spiritually grown up, so to speak, and when they are strong enough to travel to the Realm of God, and they are able to perform this Spiritual Journey, the body is left behind. It doesn’t mean you're dead. But because the soul comes out of the body and the body cannot travel to God, by the angels the soul is taken out and it is then taken to different realms. This journey continues and in these different realms there are different attributes of God that you are introduced, and then the spiritual advancement and then you come to another Realm of God. If you saw this, this was shown to you that you can travel there. Before you find union with God, the soul is temporarily separated from the body, but it doesn’t mean you are dead because normally the soul is only separated at the time of death. However, there is a saying of Prophet Mohammad, 'Die before your time,' which means, 'The soul which will leave your body at the time of death, why don’t you empower your soul and strengthen your soul that it should leave your body before your death arrives and see God?' This can be easily attributed with that near death experience. A lot of people who are on this Spiritual Path, they go through this kind of experience. It is a beautiful experience, it’s a wonderful experience. How did you feel afterwards?

Disassociated from my life before.

That’s good.

I didn’t recognise anything about my life. I was in my own home with my children, with the clothes I used to wear and the furniture I used to sit in and I didn’t recognise any of it. It took me a long time to integrate whatever happened into functioning in 3D.

That’s exactly what I was explaining a moment ago. You have two different dimensions, inner and outer dimension. This novice feeling, this newer feeling was the realisation of the soul which was alien to the feeling of the body. When the soul is going through the process of realisation, that realisation is different from the realisation of the body. To yourself, you look like an alien to yourself, because this was the inner realisation which was alien to the outer realisation. But when the entire system is synchronised spiritually, then both realisations will find a union and you will be in perfect spiritual harmony.

Q6) Hi, your Holiness, my heart is jumping. I am so excited for this event, even before today. The question regarding the initiation is: will we be able to practise or have time for whatever happens after, because the day is so busy. We have a busy life. We are mothers; we are daughters, wives and everyday goes so fast. I don’t want to compromise myself on something I will not follow after. Thank you.

A6) The initiation that I am talking about, if you carry on this practice – you are already doing a good job, a great Universal Brotherhood, and you should be thankful to him, he is doing a wonderful job – there is initiation and then there is a spiritual follow-up. If you practice that and keep on doing that practice, then you will be in touch spiritually. You will continue to have your spiritual growth and spiritual nourishment.

What does it require from me to practise?

Willingness: that’s all required today. If you are willing to receive this initiation, all you need to do is to choose the name of God that you want to go into your heart and then I will simply ask you to repeat after me three times. Then your heart will be initiated, that’s all. Thereafter, whenever you are in need of help, then call upon my Master Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and He will come for all kinds of spiritual help.

His Holiness Gohar Shahi said, 'In order to find God, call upon all the great Spiritual Masters and teachers. But for any reason, if they do not appear before you to help you, then put Gohar Shahi to test and call upon Him.' So He will definitely help you. This is wonderful because there is no commitment. You are not going into any religion or any faith.

If you look at the image of the Master and now repeat with the word of mouth, 'Dios, Dios, Dios' (Spanish for God). What you need to do now, the target is to send this name into the beating system of the heart. So, when you go to bed, put you palm on your heart and feel the beats and with every beat, say the name, 'Dios, Dios, Dios.' If your beats are faster, you have to say it faster. This is a small practice and you will see in a few days, 2-3 days, maybe one day, you will not need to say it with your mouth. You will see your heart is saying 'Dios' [not from the tongue, from the heart]. Whenever you are free, check your pulse and with your pulse say, 'Dios, Dios, Dios.' Then in a few days, you will see you don’t have to say it anymore, it is coming out of your heart. When it is coming out of your heart, that is the initial stage. Now you are in spirituality. Now your heart is initiated and now your heart has turned into a factory which is producing Divine Light non-stop.

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