Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh Meets with Temple Committees

Published on Wed, September 11, 2013 ∙ Program ∙ Bangladesh

On the 6th of September, 2013, our team from Kalki Avatar Foundation Bangladesh met with the management committee of Durga Temple Gousal Danga near Isphani More, Chittagong City. The temple committee were curious to know more about the message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi, therefore, they asked our team to present our message before starting the meeting. After hearing the divine and peace-promoting message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi, the temple committee were in awe and wanted to involve all temple-goers in the gathering. A group of 70 to 80 people - old and young alike - sat together as one and admired the image and message of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi.

Many people were able to see the images of Kalki Avatar Ra Gohar Shahi on the Moon, Sun and Maha Shivling! Our team showed the group various recorded programs of His Holiness Younus AlGohar (Representative of Kalki Avatar Foundation) and also distributed leaflets

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