Kalki Avatar Foundation Tours Uttarakhand

Published on Sun, June 26, 2011 ∙ Leafleting ∙ India

On July 26, 2011, our team from the centre in Delhi went on a seven day tour of various cities in India.

First, they visited the city of Bhowali in Uttarakhand. They went to the house of Partwati Devi, whose whole family responded very well to our message. The family enthusiastically took Naam Daan of 'Ra Raam' and did Japa in their home. The family took the team to the Gohra Kal Ghanton Temple to propagate our message. People from different cities in India met the team at the temple and listened to our message wholeheartedly. Many people took the simran of ‘Ra Raam’ from our designated spiritual ministers. The resident pundit of the Temple also heard our message with great interest, was shown the divine signs, and was given Naam Daan of ‘Ra Raam’. Our message was even given to a wedding party that happened to be in the temple.

Our team then went to Nenita City, to the home of Madhow Didi. In the city, our team gave the mission to Hindu and Muslim tourists and gave Naam Daan of 'Ra Raam' and 'Allah Hu.' Our team also gave out leaflets with the divine signs to commuters on their way back to Delhi in Haldwani Station.

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