The Sunday Island Interviews His Holiness Younus AlGohar

Published on Sun, September 07, 2008 ∙ Interview ∙ Sri Lanka

His Holiness Younus AlGohar gives an interview to Steve Morrell from the Sunday Island about Kalki Avatar Foundation. The interview published by the Sunday Island can be found here

The following is a transcript of the original interview.

Q: Why did you choose Sri Lanka to spread your Mission?
A: Ask me first why did I choose USA, Canada, Australia, India, Greece, Thailand and all other countries, then you will understand why I chose Sri Lanka.

Q: Is what you are spreading a new religion?
A: No. We propagate and advocate Divine Love, which is the core of all religions.

Q: But people already know divine love is the core of all religions. Then what difference does your preaching make?
A: No, they do not understand it, this is why all religions are suffering from internal and external conflicts and fractionized plague

Q: What is the mode of your worship?
A: We don’t worship. We instead love God.

Q: How successful are you in your efforts for spreading this message in Sri Lanka?
A: We are very successful so far.  One thousand people attended my lecture a few days ago, and Ra Ram entered their hearts right away. They didn’t know me; as soon as the divine light entered them, they bowed their heads before me. I believe I am making a significant difference.

Q: Are you the head of the mission?
A: Yes, that the most common understanding among our following.

Q: How is your group financed?
A: Mutual funding. It is a labour of love. We are professionals and have different business and jobs for breadwinning.

Q: So, what do you do to teach your philosophy? What kind of speeches do you make?
A: I make speeches, however, it is not the speeches that enlighten the hearts, and awaken the souls. It is the Mystical Principles of Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love.

Q: What would you do to teach me love if I asked you?
A: I would ask you to close your eyes, and repeat after me the desired name of God and I shall spiritually implant God's name in the beating system of your heart.

Q: When did you start this Mission in Sri Lanka?
A: I came here along with some friends back in 2002. We advertised in a national newspaper and we gave away to people our sacred book, Divine Love, so that people may read it and understand the principles of spirituality. We gave them the book and we left; we came back after a few months, and people were aware of our message. During the next trip, people of all religions and faiths started to chip in and the block started to get filled in and now there are thousands of Gohar's admirers in Sri Lanka.

Q: Why did you say that people do not know love?
A: Would the followers of the same religion hate each other if they knew divine love? There are sects in almost all religions. Islam is suffering at the hands of sectarianism. There are more than 73 sects in Islam, and they hate and kill each other. Obviously, this is not because Islam is a bad religion, but it is because they didn’t understand Islam's message. All divine books talk about divine love. Read the Bible: the Bible says, ‘Love God, your lord with all your heart and all your soul.’ Read the Quran: the Quran says, ‘Love God with more intensity than you love your kinsmen.’ Read Bhagwat Gheeta: it says, ‘Love God, for only Love knows God.

Advice to love is found in all books, but procedure and methodology is not available. And you can’t just love by word of mouth. There are conflicts and wars everywhere. The media, the public and the governments want to eradicate hatred but they don’t have the weaponry to under-siege hatred. They want to eradicate hatred at gun-point. This offensive approach ignites more hatred, and works like fuel to boost the fire of hatred. You need a practical form of love and you don’t have it. I have it, so I am here. What is it? First of all, you need to push out the devil from the hearts. You can’t do that. We shall supply God's light to your heart and turn your heart into a divine furnace of love. God's light will then excrete the evil presence from your heart; as soon as your heart is vacated by the devil, God will occupy it.

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