Year 2015 Rewind!

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2015 was a huge year for Kalki Avatar Foundation, Messiah Foundation International and Mehdi Foundation International. This year we relaunched Messiah Foundation’s official website, We saw our message reach new places, such as Hawaii, Vietnam, Fiji and Iceland. We participated in the long-awaited Parliament of the World’s Religions, which was attended by thousands of people from all over the world from various faiths who came together to promote interfaith harmony.

This was also the year that we started to stream our daily spiritual gatherings live for the public at 10:00 PM GMT. We are so pleased to provide this service and engage in open dialogue with viewers.

On the other hand, as we continue to spread the message of love and tolerance, high-profile terrorist attacks carried out this year in Europe and the United States of America have had devastating global consequences. Fear and hatred are now prevalent in our society. To counter the ideology used to brainwash terrorists, Wahhabism, His Holiness Younus AlGohar (the CEO of MFI and KAF) launched a website in which he fully addresses every aspect of it. Since the Paris Attacks in November, His Holiness has been actively advising world leaders on the steps needed to be taken to stop terrorism. He has given a crash course on Wahhabism and the perils of leaving it unchecked in the West.

Due to the global threat of the Wahhabi ideology and its direct link to terrorist organisations such as Daesh (ISIS), Messiah Foundation International has also begun a campaign to urge Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama to ban this hateful school of thought in the United Kingdom and United States of America respectively.

As we head into the new year, we, the members of Messiah Foundation International, reaffirm our commitment to spreading the message of divine love and global peace no matter what the odds. We will continue to speak against the enemies of humanity and support those who want to live compassionately - no matter who they are or where they come from.

Above all, our message to humanity is to not lose hope! There is always darkness before dawn. Thanks to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ, the future of this world is bright!



January 02: A Successful Visit to the Mahalakhsmi Temple, Mumbai; See the full report here.

January 03: Messiah Foundation Arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii! See how we did here.

January 09: Mehdi/Messiah/Kalki Avatar Foundation Condemns the Charlie Hebdo Paris Attacks.

January 16: Thousands of leaflets distributed in Haji Ali Dargah, India; click here for the full report.

January 18: HH Younus AlGohar’s Delivers a Message to the International Community about Freedom of Speech.

January 20: The Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles Sends Letter for advice on ‘How British Muslims can become part of British Culture?’



February 02: The Awaited One Website - Officially Launched!

February 03: Successful Mission Activities in Ajmer, India; See pictures here.

February 20: KAF invited for Puja in Kotahena, Sri Lanka

February 21-22: Messiah Foundation USA Participates in Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Raleigh, North Carolina; click here to see us there.



March 15: Messiah Foundation UK Spreads Message of Love in London!

March 16: Kalki Avatar Foundation in Arsikere City, India; click here to read the report with pictures.

March 23: Messiah Foundation USA Propagates at Lincoln Memorial; See pictures here.

March 29: A Successful Visit to Allahabad, India; see the full report here.




April 12: Messiah Foundation in Dundas Square, Toronto; click here for the full report.

April 14: Honouring Saeed Ahmed - Humble Servant of HDE Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi

April 15: Successful Day at the ‘Mind Body, and Spirit Expo’ in New Jersey!

April 21: Messiah Foundation USA at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day Concert

April 22: Earth Day 2015 - An Important Message for Humanity!

April 24-26: Messiah Foundation Canada Participates in ‘Body, Mind and Spirit Expo’ in Saskatoon



May 02-03: Messiah Foundation at the Lincoln Memorial; See pictures here.

May 06: Successful Visit to Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Mausoleum

May 16: Our Message Reaches Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India; click here for the full report.

May 21: Mission Activities in Dundas Square, Toronto; See pictures here.



June 01: A Miracle of Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi in India!

June 05: Our Message Reaches Fiji! Click here for the full report.

June 06-07: Fiji Newspaper ‘The Sun’ Publishes Our Literature.

June 30: Messiah Foundation USA at the Washington Monument; See the pictures.



July 01: Jashan-e-Shahi 2015!

July 04: A Successful Trip to Baba Mohan Temple, India

July 08: Announcement: MFI at Sacramento’s Healing Arts Festival

July 15: Mission Activities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! See full report here.

July 22: Messiah Foundation Canada, in Dundas Square, Toronto; See pictures here.

July 23: Another Wonderful Day at the Washington Monument

July 30: The Blue Moon



August 11: Messiah Foundation Canada in Ottawa; See the full report here.

August: 12: Messiah Foundation USA at 'Body, Mind and Spirit Expo' in Raleigh

August 17: A Brief Message about the Absence of Spiritual Knowledge

August 26: Messiah Foundation Canada Propagates in Montreal, Quebec!




September 16: The Sunday Island’s (English Language Newspaper in Sri Lanka) Interview with HH Younus AlGohar

September 22: Ceylon Today (Sri Lanka) Interviews HH Younus AlGohar; See the interview here.

September 23: The Brahma Kumari Centre Invites HH Younus AlGohar to Speak on ‘The Power of Love and the Significance of the Maha Shivling’

September 27-28: The Supermoon Eclipse




October 10: Messiah Foundation International’s Activities in Vietnam!

October 13: The Official Launch of YounusAlGohar.Net and YounusAlGohar.Org

October 18: Our Message Spreads in Reykjavik, Iceland! Click here for the full report.

October 20: The Official Launch of YounusAlGohar.Info

October 26: The Sunday Leader Speaks to HH Younus AlGohar

October 27: ThatChannel Canada Interviews HH Younus AlGohar on Islamophobia and Radical Islam in Today’s Society

October 29: MFI at The Parliament of the World’s Religions 

October 25: Open Event Report: 'Advocacy of Spiritual Love and Global Peace' (Keynote Speaker - HH Younus AlGohar)



November 11: Happy Diwali from Kalki Avatar Foundation!

November 14: Our Official Statement about the Paris Attacks - #TerrorismHasNoReligion

November 15: Messiah Foundation USA at the ‘Natural Living Expo’

November 16: HH Younus AlGohar’s Message to British Muslim Community in the Wake of the Paris Attacks; see video here.

November 17: HH Younus AlGohar’s Statement about the Refugee Crises

November 18: ‘The Real Threat to the West’ - HH Younus AlGohar

November 21: HH Younus AlGohar’s Food for Thought on Mali Attacks

November 22: Viral Video @AlRaTv: ‘What does Islam have to do with ISIS?’ featuring HH Younus AlGohar

November 25: Happy Jashan-e-Riaz 2015! - The Manifestation Day of HDE Lord RaRiaz Gohar Shahi

November 27: Viral Video @AlRaTV: ‘Is Islam a Religion of Peace?’ featuring HH Younus AlGohar

November 29: Viral Video @AlRaTV: ‘How to Paralyse and Eliminate ISIS in less than 24 Hours?’ featuring HH Younus AlGohar

November 30: Education Officer of Somalia’s Ministry of Education Comments on the ‘Absence of Spiritual Knowledge’ Campaign

December 03: MFI’s Statement about the Syria Vote



December 04: Overview: Jashan-e-Riaz Celebrations Worldwide 2015!

December 05: HH Younus AlGohar’s Advice to World Leaders

December 09: MFI Runs ‘Ban Wahhabism’ Campaign in UK and USA!

December 10: Viral Video @AlRaTv: Ban Wahhabism in UK! Sign the Online Petition here.

December 11: ‘Ban Wahhabism’ Campaign in Phoenix, Arizona!

December 13: ‘Ban Wahhabism’ Campaign at Lincoln Memorial Park, Washington, D.C

December 15: The Response to the ‘Ban Wahhabism’ Campaign

December 21: HH Younus AlGohar on Wahhabism (The Doctrine of Hatred and the Cult of Death)

December 23: ‘Ban Wahhabism’ Campaign in Times Square, New York!

December 25: Merry Christmas from Messiah Foundation International!

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